Why us?

“There are countless creative agencies on the market. Why choose you?”

What makes us stand out is our raison d'etre, our values and culture. Boxless means taking innovative steps and creating everything with a multidimensional approach. Creative studio – means a team of experts, who turned their passions into a business.

We are a small studio and we don’t do many projects at once – we work efficiently and give a great attention to detail

We are a specialised studio: we know a few things and we know them perfectly – and so we focus on quality, not quantity

We have high standards and we know that the client is not always right (and we’re not afraid to say it when needed)

We take the jobs that are in line with our philosophy and values. It makes us put all our hearts in every single project

Our approach is interdisciplinary; we merge our expertise from different fields and past jobs

3 ingredients of our good work

  • experience

    we are great at what we do but we want to be much more

  • methods

    we base our decisions and actions on verified processes

  • creativity

    we never take the easy way out, we always find ways to be one step ahead

  • 20+
    brands and videos created

    gaming industry, apps, SaaS, cultural institutions, medical industry and many more

  • 30+
    apps and websites designed

    mobile apps (Android, iOS), wearables apps (Wear OS, Samsung Gear), landing pages, web platforms and many more

  • 50+
    satisfied clients

    Red Bull, Rossmann, No Gravity Games, Riot Games, Teatr Nowy (The New Theater in Łódź), Wash Innovation

  • 100%
    inspirational essence

    ...extracted from games, pop culture, science, design, art and life