Product video for a HandyShower device

The Client: Wash Innovation

Creative category: video production / product video / video ad

The Goal: To present an innovative product HandyShower – a portable, compact shower with additional functions of a tap and a bidet.


The Challenge

👥 Depicting a diversified groups of product’s users

💧  Showing different situations in which to use the device

🔎 Explaining how to use an innovative device

The Result

📦 Selling over 1,500 test devices in 6 months

🌐 Generating over 30,000 website visits in 6 months

🏆 A successful domestic crowdfunding campaign

The Process

1. Preproduction

We started with creating a movie concept in cooperation with our client. We established what we want to say about HandyShower and who is the target user of the device.


We decided that we should focus on three main strategic users’ groups: professional drivers (including truck drivers), trekkers, and outdoor lovers.

We indicated which features of the device are crucial for the footage.

2. Production

Based on our arrangements, we created a script. We did some research and chose the proper location for each scene. The next step was casting for the roles and preparing props.

Taking into consideration a decided visual style of this production, we decided on appropriate equipment. We recorded multiple sequences using an image stabiliser and slow-motion effects. For detail-oriented shots we used professional macro lenses. The finishing touch was added by aerial shots made from a drone.  

The production was divided into two days of main shooting because of the costs. For a better effect, the scenes were planned in a way that allowed each scene to have a slightly different vibe.

The scenes with a dog owner were shot in a full-day light, the scenes with a trekker – when the sun was going down.

3. Postproduction

The editing included adding several elements to the raw footage: sound effects for deepening the immersion, music with a commercial license, and several informative boards. An additional element was a professional voice-over made by a native speaker (an American actor).

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