Jastrzębie Brewery

A corporate identity and a website for the Jastrzębie Brewery brand

The Client: Jastrzębie Brewery (Browar Jastrzębie) 

Creative category: branding / UX design / web design

The Goal: To create a brewery brand that would stand out among others – thanks to its passion, local patriotism, high quality, and craftsmanship. To design a website that would help with gathering users for a crowdfunding campaign.


For a better understanding of the nuances of the logo design it is important to give a brief explanation to the company’s name: Jastrzębie is both part of a city’s name and a word that can be directly translated to English as “hawks”, hence a silhouette of a bird of prey on the logo.

The Challenge

🎖️  Making a stand out craft beer brand

🏙️  Creating a visual association between the beer and the city it comes from (Jastrzębie Zdrój) 

🍻  Designing bottle labels that would express the taste and the brand’s idea

ℹ️  Encouraging users of the website to enroll for a crowdfunding campaign

The Result

💸  Almost 4 million PLN from crowdfunding (record in Poland at the time)

💌  Gathering over 2,000 registered users, enrolled for the newsletter through the website 

🤝  Over 4,300 investors 

📰  Over 500 mentions of the crowdfunding campaign in the media

The Process

1. Research

We knew that there was an exciting, but at the same time – completely new – challenge: creating a brewery brand basically from scratch. We decided to take the first step by conducting an in-depth analysis of:

  • the competition – by learning more about other Polish craft beer breweries and their ways of presenting and positioning their brands,
  • the specificity of our client’s business – to understand their business model and the product, to grasp the ideas, visions, history and values of the enterprise
  • the culture of Jastrzębie Zdrój – to notice a tight connection with the brand being created.

2. Crafting a brand identity

Thanks to the information gathered, we were able to design a brand identity compiling the name (Browar Jastrzębie / Jastrzębie Brewery), the values, and the distinguishing features of the brand, as well as its mission and customers’ profile.

It was an absolute basis for all further branding actions and the marketing strategy itself – and a guarantee for integrity and uniqueness of the brand.

3. Logo design & visual identity

In the next step, we focused on designing a visual identity:

  • we created an inspirational mood board and a colour palette based on both the location of the brewery and on the character of the product,
  • we assumed that the identification has to be original and simple, in reference to the craftsmanship of the creators, 
  • we designed first concept sketches that were well-perceived by the client

Po uzyskaniu akceptu przystąpiliśmy do dopracowania logo i zaprezentowania na makietach produktów, a następnie tworzenia zestawu key visuali i projektu fizycznych nośników.

Designing the bottle labels was a crucial phase of the process. The labels had to contain lots of information, important from the beer connoisseurs’ (aka target customers’) point of view.

  • We created a whole iconography for the label, including such elements as: serving temperature, percentage of extract, bitterness level in the IBU scale, alcohol content, etc. 
  • It was important to make the label resonate with the brand identity by convincing and making the customer feel that the product is made by connoisseurs for connoisseurs. 

After getting approval, we continued with refining a logo design and presenting it on product mockups. The next step was creating a set of key visuals and designing the physical product.

4. Webdesign / UX design

Mając opracowaną identyfikację wizualną marki mogliśmy przystąpić do zaprojektowania i budowy strony internetowej.

Głównym celem biznesowym strony było przygotowanie do kampanii crowdfundingu udziałowego: zebranie leadów dla zakupu akcji browaru. W związku z tym zaplanowana przez nas architektura strony musiała przede wszystkim informować zarówno o samej emisji, ale co ważniejsze przekonać o daleko idącym profesjonalizmie i sprawności biznesowej założycieli spółki.

Podczas projektowania zdecydowaliśmy się na zaakcentowanie autentyczności całego biznesowego przedsięwzięcia – eksponując sylwetki założycieli wraz z ich odręcznymi podpisami, prezentując etykiety wytworzonych browarów oraz plany strategiczne spółki umieszczone na osi czasu.

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